Friday, July 20, 2007

Aging - part 2

Saw "Nishabd" - the Amitabh, RGV movie that neither the controversy it should have nor did anything much at the box office

All the reviews I read about this movie were uniformly negative - panned the story or criticized RGV for chickening out and making the movie as sexual as a children's cartoon

What no one talked about was Amitabh's amazing acting - probably one of his best movies to date. Yes, the story was not really believable, the other actors were lame, Jiah Khan was irritating...but where else can you see Amitabh is a serious role, playing his age and emoting with his eyes more than his baritone voice? RGV used him to great effect in "Sarkar" with extreme closeups of Amitabh's ravaged it is the bags under his eyes, the lined, weathered face that speaks volumes...Old age is a bitch and the great thespian shows you what it really is like

- Srini Anumolu

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